Hundreds Urge City Council to Protect Renters

Contacts: Christian Ollano (408) 910-6309, Ian Greensides (408) 915-7006, Carol Stephenson (408) 480-4367

March 30, 2017
SAN JOSÉ, CA                                        

PACT Leaders call on San Jose City Council Members for Just Cause Eviction Protections for Renters

WHO:   San Jose City Council Members Sylvia Arenas, Sergio Jimenez, Tam Nguyen, faith leaders and hundreds of community members who are committed to dialogue. 

WHAT:   Hundreds of community members will pack the church gym to demonstrate the urgent need for protections for renters who are being pushed out and living in fear due to unjust evictions and skyrocketing rents. The program will include community testimony, small group dialogue to share renters' experiences, and questions for public officials.

PACT leaders will ask City Councilmembers to commit to specific action at the April 18th City Council vote on:
Just Cause renter protections to prohibit eviction for no cause
Ellis Act relocation benefits for tenants in rent-controlled units 

WHEN: Thursday, March 30, 2017, 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm 

WHERE: Gymnasium at Most Holy Trinity Church, 2040 Nassau Drive, San Jose, California  95122

WHY:     Between 2010 and 2016, over 2,000 no-cause evictions in rent controlled units were reported to the San Jose Housing Department, which does not account for non-reported no-cause evictions creating instability and displacement. The actual number of no-cause evictions during this time is estimated to be much larger.

Low-income people of color are overburdened by high rents, pushed into overcrowded spaces, or out of the Bay Area entirely. San Jose is at risk of losing its diversity, vibrancy and strong neighborhoods.

Right now, vulnerable community members are feeling especially threatened in a climate of fear nationwide. Immigrants, Muslims and people of color are facing real threats outside their homes and as renters feel instability in their homes, too. Because losing your housing is so financially devastating in San Jose, no cause evictions are just another form of deportation. Without a law that protects against no-cause evictions, people without legal status or citizenship are defenseless. In the current atmosphere of national xenophobia, immigrants are at risk to lose their housing without Just Cause Eviction Protections. 

On Tuesday, April 18 the issues of just cause eviction protection and Ellis Act protections are schedule before the San Jose City Councilmembers for a vote.

PACT: People Acting in Community Together is multi-racial, multi-faith grassroots organization that empowers people to create a more just community and organizes for racial and economic justice.  PACT represents 25 congregations and schools and over 50,000 people in Santa Clara County, and is part of the PICO National Network.,  www.facebook/pactsj
PICO National Network is the largest faith based, grassroots organizing network in the country.  Local PICO 52 federations, like PACT, work in over 150 cities and 17 states and is more than one million families and one thousand congregations from 40 different denominations and faiths.