Open Letter Calling on all U.S. Political Parties to Adopt Platforms that Repeal the Muslim Travel Ban, Reverse Historic-Low Cap on Refugees

We the undersigned organizational representatives of the African, Arab, Iranian, Middle Eastern, Muslim and South Asian American communities; interfaith partners; and civil, education, human and immigrant rights allies, call on all national political parties to include repealing the Muslim Ban and reversing the all-time-low cap on the annual number of refugees admitted into the United States as signature issues in their 2020 party platforms.

Statement Regarding Santa Clara County’s Civil Detainer Policy

Statement Regarding Santa Clara County’s Civil Detainer Policy

We express our profound condolences to the family and loved ones of Bambi Larson who was tragically murdered in San Jose on February 28. We also urge the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors and San Jose officials to not distort or politicize this tragedy into an issue regarding immigration by altering the County’s current civil detainer policy. At this time, healing and unity is what is needed rather than attempts to cause division among our County’s residents. We ask our elected officials to keep the County’s current policy intact so that all community members - regardless of immigration status - can feel safe and are treated equally.

Đức is Here to Stay! USCIS Cancels Appointment Again

Today, community members across Santa Clara County celebrated in the success of the #KeepDucHome 2019 action. More than 50 people—ranging from community led organizations, faith based organizations, nonprofit representatives, attorneys, San Jose City Officials, and Santa Clara County staff—arrived to the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services USCIS in Santa Clara to demand that father, husband, and community leader Đức Nguyễn not be separated from his family.

Community Action: Stop the Detention and Deportation of a San Jose Community Member Who was Unexpectedly Asked to Check-In with Immigration Authorities

ViệtUnity South-Bay and PACT (People Acting in Community Together) would like to invite you to a community action regarding a beloved community member’s risk for ICE detention and deportation. Father, husband, community leader, and member of St. Maria Goretti Đức Nguyễn has lived in San Jose for 23 years. Đức has contributed his heart and soul to this region for over two decades, but ICE wants to take that away.

Rapid Response Network in Santa Clara County Protests ICE’s Latest Attempt to Deny Immigrants Right to Due Process

The Rapid Response Network in Santa Clara County, along with impacted families, immigration lawyers, religious leaders and other allies, will gather on Thursday, December 20th at 12 pm to denounce ICE’s latest tactics aimed at denying immigrants their right to due process and call for the closure of the Morgan Hill office.  The group will conduct a delegation to deliver a cease and desist letter to the Morgan Hill office.

Statement from PACT Board Officers: Reconciliation & Moving Forward Together

We, as PACT, sincerely apologize for our decision to rescind the award to honor Zahra Billoo for her leadership in the local community. In our efforts to be responsive to one set of leaders, we inadvertently participated in efforts to silence a faith leader and close partner expressing moral critique of an ongoing human rights crisis in Palestine. In fact, conversations are much needed about the injustice that occurs every day in Palestine, and its connection to the issues we work on including racism, border walls, and police violence.

PACT’s Dialogue & Action Calls for Santa Clara County Police Chiefs and County Sheriff to train officers on implicit bias and procedural justice

People Acting in Community Together


Contacts: Frank Richardson, 408.307.1118,; Yeme Girma, 408.396.4084,; Akemi Flynn, 408.504.8030 or; Jesus Ruiz, 408.230.5239,




PACT’s Dialogue & Action Calls for Santa Clara County Police Chiefs
and County Sheriff to train officers on implicit bias and procedural justice


Who: Police Chiefs from San Jose, Milpitas, Morgan Hill, Gilroy, Palo Alto, Mountain View, Los Altos, Campbell and Sunnyvale, the Santa Clara County Sheriff Smith and District Attorney Rosen will meet with hundreds of diverse community members and faith leaders.


What: People Acting in Community Together (PACT) is hosting its first gathering of police chiefs from across Santa Clara County. The chiefs, sheriff and DA will share unique insight and experiences on best practices for public safety. Community members will share their experiences with law enforcement and ideas for positive changes.


PACT will ask the chiefs and Sheriff to commit to implementing training and to have follow-up meeting with community members to work for increased transparency and accountability that are essential to community trust which is necessary for safety and justice for all, community members and police.


The event aims to transform the community through dialogue between the community and the local law enforcement to build understanding across different experiences, to promote safety and justice for all. 


When: May 31, 2018, 6:45 pm - 9:00 pm


Where: Emmanuel Baptist Church, 467 North White Road, San Jose, CA 95127


Why:  This Dialogue is especially urgent following local and national incidents and concerns about safety, racial profiling, including two major student mass murders; police calls about “suspicious” Black people in cities across the region and country; the killing of Stephon Clark and Stevie Juarez by police; and the Santa Clara County Grand Jury recommendation for local law enforcement training on mental health issues to end the OIS (office involved shootings) and fatalities.  


This is PACT's 8th Beloved Community Dialogue since we launched on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr weekend in 2015.  Past Dialogues and the work between events has resulted in significant positive changes at SJPD, such as the no choke-hold policy, mandatory body worn cameras, de-escalation training, and more.


This Dialogue will highlight best practices from the important changes in police policies and practices that we have been able to achieve through PACT, SJPD and the Independent Police Auditor working together over the past few years.


The President of the California Police Chiefs Association, Chief David Swing of Morgan Hill, will participate with other members of the Santa Clara County Police Chiefs Association invited by SJPD Chief Garcia.


The goal is to engage more police chiefs and to develop strong partnerships between community members and their police departments across the county.  This is important to community members across the county, as many have interactions with law enforcement in other cities throughout the region.

Holy Thursday Prayer & Foot-washing at ICE Facility in Morgan Hill



Contacts: Fr. Jon Pedigo (English/Spanish) 408-757-6344;  Akemi Flynn 408-504-8030; Erik Poicon(English/Spanish) 408-838-1883;

Holy Thursday Prayer & Foot-washing at ICE Facility in Morgan Hill


WHO: Faith and grassroots community leaders with PACT: People Acting in Community Together; Supervisor Dave Cortese.

WHAT: Faith leaders will ask ICE officers if they can conduct a foot-washing with detainees held at their facility. Leaders will also address. Protest the unjust enforcement activity tearing our community apart. Indiscriminate ICE activities result in arrests and the indefinite detention of long time, law-abiding residents

WHEN: Thursday March 29 at 12:00 p.m            

WHERE: 220 Vineyard Blvd., Morgan Hill, Ca, 95037

WHY: Holy Thursday is a day of solidarity and prayer. Santa Clara County continues to be targeted by ICE operations which continue to create fear in our community. In order to show solidarity with those being detained by ICE, faith leaders will offer to wash the feet of those that are being detained as a sign of solidarity, equality and to prepare them for the long and dangerous journey that awaits them. In the last 10 days,  Santa Clara Rapid Response Network has received at least 90 calls from concerned community members claiming they have seen or have had family members picked-up by ICE. Faith Leaders will respond to Sheriff Laurie Smith for permitting ICE agents enter county jails which is in violation of the Santa Clara Detainer Policy and the CA Truth ACT.


Also, PACT faith and community leaders will gather again for a Good Friday Peace Vigil:


WHEN: Friday, March 30 at 5:00pm           

WHERE: Outside Dr. MLK Library, corner of San Fernando & 4th St, downtown San Jose


WHY: On Good Friday, as Christians gather around the world to remember the state-sanctioned killing of Jesus, PACT clergy and leaders will join the weeklyFriday Peace Vigil to connect the story of our faith with the ongoing story of peace seekers in our world.  

When war continues, state executions take lives, and economic and racial inequalities continue to grow, we recognize that Jesus is being crucified again and again in the suffering of people around the world. 


PACT: People Acting in Community Together is a multiracial, multi-faith organization that empowers people to create a more just community.  PACT has more than 30 member congregations and partner schools representing 50,000 people in Santa Clara County. PACT is part of PICO California and the PICO National Network, one of the largest grassroots community networks in the country.!/PACTSJ


PICO California is the state’s largest community organizing network. We organize in 73 cities, 15 school districts, and in more than one-half of the state's Senate and Assembly districts.  PICO California was established in 1994, bringing together local federations from throughout California to affect meaningful budget and policy change at the state level. Over the past 20 years, our organizing and policy advocacy has resulted in increased investments in education and healthcare, and in programs and services that are critical for working families. Together, we represent 480 congregations and 450,000 families of diverse economic, racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds committed to advancing racial and economic justice in California through organizing, advocacy, and voter engagement. Visit to learn more. PICO California and its federations are non-partisan and do not endorse or support candidates for office.