Support for Muslim Community Prevails over Fear and Prejudice in Rival Rallies

Diane Andrews | The Santa Clara Weekly| Link to Article

American Congress for Truth (ACT) for America supporters rallying out of fear of Muslims, who they believe are infiltrating the Islamic code of law into the U.S. legal system, were far outnumbered by hundreds of Unity with Muslims supporters staging a counter-rally on June 10 in Santa Clara–home to a Muslim community and mosque. From 11 a.m. until about 3 p.m., each group staked out its own street corner at the busy intersection of Stevens Creek Blvd. and Winchester Blvd., bordering San Jose.

Hands Around the Mosque Celebrates Unity, Denounces Division

Standing, arms outstretched and hands clasped with their neighbor’s, Jews, Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Buddhists and pagans surrounded Santa Clara’s Muslim Community Association (MCA building for Hands Around the Mosque, an interfaith showing of solidarity in support of American Muslims on March 19.

At Interfaith Gathering, Affirmation of Support for Muslims, Minorities

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- "If you want peace, work for justice. That includes housing the homeless, ending the death penalty, organizing labor unions, standing up for minority rights, and countering rising Islamophobia in the U.S.”