PACT Recognized for Voluntarism

Carlos Morante| PACT Staff 

On April 17th 2018, The Junior League of San Jose held a Volunteer Recognition Luncheon themed  "Giving Back... Paying Forward" in which PACT was recognized with the Kaiser Permanente Thriving Volunteers Award for our work on Engaging "over 200 volunteer grassroots and faith leaders to collectively address issues that impact our community and to create solutions to pressing social problems including the housing crisis and mass deportation."

It was also noted that our "Volunteer leaders provide training for nearly 2,000 community members so that they know their rights as immigrants and renters and learn about how to be part of the organizing process."

We Thank The Junior League of San Jose and Kiser Permanente for this recognition.

At PACT we are grateful to receive this recognition and use this as a reminder of the impact we make in our community.We also recognize that there is so much more work to do and renew our commitment to continue our work guided by our Vision to shape our community  and society at large so that we can all say with confidence that it is one where truly #WeBelong!

Thriving Volunteer award.jpg