San Jose mock ICE raid prepares undocumented immigrants

Click above to watch video

Click above to watch video

SAN JOSE (KRON) — South Bay Labor and other activists answered the questions from undocumented immigrants “what do I do then ICE or immigration and customs enforcement agents come to my door or workplace?” during a mock raid Friday.

Flyers encouraging people to protect the community by reporting ice activity could be seen at San Jose Labor Hall and all over town.

At the same time, the people being targeted by the Trump administrations crack down on illegal immigration are being told what to do when ICE comes calling.

A mock raid by an ICE Agent in a Trump mask was part of the program as labor and other activists sought to dramatize how undocumented people are, in their words, being terrorized by those raids.

The role playing is part of an effort by the local rapid response network to simulate a real-life experience and provide training by showing the trauma and confusion workers and their families face when an ICE raid happens.

Friday was also about the recruitment and training of volunteers from labor, people acting in community together and other groups who are committed to assisting immigrant families in resisting deportation efforts and their numbers are growing.

The day of action also included a call to support proposed new legislation, Assembly Bill AB 450 in particular which would make it harder for ICE to conduct their raids on the undocumented at their workplace.