A Turning Point: Solutions to the Dropout Crisis!

Dear PACT Friends & Supporters,

Monday night was an amazing night - a powerful turning point - for the 700+ parents, students and community members who gathered to urge their elected officials to take action to end the chronic school failure and dropout crisis in East San Jose by investing in high-performing schools!

Alum Rock School Board President Gustavo Gonzalez and Trustee Esau Herrara committed to leading a new partnership between the District, PACT, and high-performing charter schools – this represents an important break from the past, as the District has historically opposed charter schools.  

Gonzalez and Herrera also committed to finding District facilities for long-term use by three great charter schools: ACE, Rocketship, and KIPP.  Gonzalez and Herrera also committed to supporting the critical site-based “autonomies” for the three PACT-initiated schools called LUCHA, Renaissance, and Adelante.

To rousing applause, City Councilwoman Nora Campos announced her $1M commitment of City Redevelopment funds to support the ACE Charter School in the Mayfair community.  She also committed to finding other City resources and facilities for more charter schools.  Likewise, County Supervisor George Shirakawa committed to seeking County resources for this effort.

SCC District Attorney Dolores Carr spoke about the link between failing schools and crime and shared her first-hand knowledge that charter schools can be the solution to get struggling students on track for college and success in life.

Thank you for being part of PACT's movement to transform East San Jose schools districts so that all young people have access to excellent schools regardless of their families' socioeconomic or ethnic backgrounds or the neighborhoods where they live.

With dedicated and organized grassroots community leaders working with committed elected officials, we can make this happen!

Thank you,

Matt Hammer
PACT: People Acting in Community Together