Bay Area Activists Head To Sacramento For Immigration Rally

SAN JOSE (CBS SF) — Hundreds of Bay Area residents headed to the capitol Wednesday to participate in a march and rally urging lawmakers to pass two bills that would protect Muslims and immigrants.

Busloads of protesters headed to Sacramento from San Jose Wednesday morning to attend the day-long rally.

Before Ramiro Munoz boarded the bus, he shared what he says he sees everyday among family and friends.

Gilroy protests as city council puts immigration, human rights on the agenda

As protests sprung up in airports across the nation last weekend in response to President Donald Trump’s latest executive action targeting refugees and immigrants from seven majority Muslim countries, a group of about 30 Gilroyans took to the street on Sunday to show their solidarity.

Students & Parents call on School & City Officials to Protect Families

San Jose Unified School Board will be voting on a resolution that they believe expresses their commitment to protect immigrant families.  Join us to ensure this resolution is strong. 

La Junta Escolar Unificada de San José votará en una resolución que ellos creen expresa un compromiso a incluir y proteger a todos las familias inmigrantes. ¡Esperamos que Ud. se una a nosotros para asegurarse de que esta resolución sea poderosa!.

San Jose: Scholars, city leaders, 49ers unite to tackle police-race issues

SAN JOSE — On a day marked by massive protest marches across the country, an array of city officials, police commanders, community leaders and scholars converged in a quiet corner of East San Jose to begin a lengthy campaign to thaw relations between police and the city’s most disenfranchised residents.

Organizaciones luchan por proteger a indocumentados

Cientos de personas indocumentadas temen lo que pueda ocurrir durante el mandato del presidente electo, Donald Trump por lo que organizaciones en San José ofrecieron orientación a la comunidad sobre un plan que de aprobarse beneficiaría a 32 mil familias.

At Interfaith Gathering, Affirmation of Support for Muslims, Minorities

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- "If you want peace, work for justice. That includes housing the homeless, ending the death penalty, organizing labor unions, standing up for minority rights, and countering rising Islamophobia in the U.S.”