'11/8/16' looks back at a shocking, emotional Trump vs. Clinton election day — and the divides that remain

'11/8/16' looks back at a shocking, emotional Trump vs. Clinton election day — and the divides that remain

On the morning of Nov. 8, 2016, 20-year-old Hana Barkowitz, a Kent State University student with bright eyes and bleached blond hair, bubbled over with optimism. The Pittsburgh native was about to vote in her first presidential election, and her passion for her candidate, Hillary Clinton, was unsinkable.

A documentary crew captured her exhilaration as Barkowitz, president of the Ohio school’s College Democrats, spent the morning door-knocking around campus, then co-hosted a nonpartisan watch party to cheer as the polls came in.

Utah Film Center to screen 11/8/16, impressive time capsule of a day in American politics

In one of the film’s strongest subject treatments, Shane went to San Jose to follow the story of Jesus, a DREAMer and an organizer for PACT (People Acting in Community Together), a non-profit which works on issue advocacy rather than supporting a particular candidate for office. Jesus and others seem optimistic about the future, confident that Clinton will be elected. However, as the results begin to show a different outcome ...

San Jose: Gun owners must lock up weapons when they’re not home

RAMONA GIWARGIS| San Jose Mercury News| Link to Article

SAN JOSE —  City residents who own guns will have to to lock them up when they leave home under a new law set to take effect in December.

The San Jose City Council approved the hotly-debated ordinance on a 6-5 vote late Tuesday, with some of the city’s elected leaders favoring stronger protections. The San Jose law is similar to safe-storage gun laws in San Francisco, Oakland, Sunnyvale and Berkeley. State law requires that guns be locked up or secured only in homes with young children.

US immigration arrests rise — and neighbors sign up to witness ICE operations

The idea started with Violeta Roman’s story. It was before dawn in 2014, and Roman was already at work — the early shift at a café in San Francisco. Then her daughter called, sobbing.

"I asked her what was wrong," say Roman. "'The police are here,' she said. 'They are taking grandpa away.'"

Roman asked a coworker to rush her home, but it was too late. Her father, from Mexico, was already cuffed and being driven away by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers. It was a quick operation — 15 minutes.

San Jose: Activists push to expand police auditor powers, to cautious officials

SAN JOSE — Social-justice activists intensified their campaign to expand the authority of San Jose’s independent police auditor Monday, calling on city leaders to champion a 2018 ballot measure that would dramatically increase civilian oversight for the police department.

“We just have a bark. We have no bite,” said Regina Alexander, a spoken-word minister at Bible Way Christian Church and leader for the multi-faith coalition People Acting in Community Together. “We need the bite for accountability. It makes no sense for institutions to investigate themselves.”

San Jose Police Leaders Meet With Community to Discuss Spike in Officer-Involved Shootings

San Jose police and community members went face to face Monday night in search of a solution to a spike in officer-involved shootings in the city.

San Jose has had eight such incidents so far in 2017, and families of those lost in the shootings aired their concerns to the police Chief Eddie Garcia and the city's new police auditor, Aaron Zisser.

Churches and the group People Acting in Community Together, or PACT, brought hundreds of people together ...

Gilroy residents encourage city council to take action in support of DACA recipients

GILROY, Calif. (KGO) -- About two dozen people gathered outside of Gilroy City Hall Monday night to encourage the city council to take action in support of immigrants and DACA recipients.

The group, organized by People Acting in Community Together, or PACT, wants the council to pass a resolution that limits the city's cooperation with ICE and gives peace of mind to the immigrant community.

Citing transparency, Santa Clara County supervisor to bring jail oversight plan to board

SAN JOSE — More than two years after three guards beat an inmate to death in the Santa Clara County jail — and after scores of meetings on how to best reform the conditions that made it possible to happen — a proposal to create a civilian oversight panel is scheduled to go before the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday.

The item is being brought forth by Supervisor Joe Simitian as a means to give the public and the rest of the supervisors an early look at a rough draft — the budding policy is being developed by a committee he helms but he stressed a need for transparency.

San Jose mock ICE raid prepares undocumented immigrants

SAN JOSE (KRON) — South Bay Labor and other activists answered the questions from undocumented immigrants “what do I do then ICE or immigration and customs enforcement agents come to my door or workplace?” during a mock raid Friday.

Flyers encouraging people to protect the community by reporting ice activity could be seen at San Jose Labor Hall and all over town.