San Jose City Council votes to strengthen renter protections


In a historic win on Tuesday, San Jose City Council voted 6-5 to make our city a place where everyone can belong, passing FULL just-cause to protect over 450,000 renters in our community from no-cause eviction. Ellis Act protections also passed to provide relocation benefits to renters evicted from rent-controlled complexes.


En una victoria histórica el martes, el Ayuntamiento de San José votó 6-5 para hacer de nuestra ciudad un lugar donde todos puedan pertenecer, pasando la causa justa y protegiendo a más de 450,000 inquilinos en nuestra comunidad de desalojamiento sin causa. Las protecciones de la Ley Ellis también pasaron para proveer beneficios de reubicación a inquilinos desalojados de complejos controlados por alquiler.

Opinion: San Jose should stand against unjust evictions

April 18 will be a defining moment for our city and valley: The San Jose City Council will decide who belongs — and who is forced to leave.

On this date, the city leaders will be voting on whether or not to protect our renter community from displacement and unjust, no-cause evictions. 

Our city has changed: It was once the most diverse in the United States, but the housing crisis is creating a San Jose where diversity can no longer thrive.

Bay Area activists mark Holy Thursday tradition by washing feet of immigrants at ICE office

MORGAN HILL — In a modern political twist to an ancient Roman Catholic tradition observed annually during Holy Week, interfaith leaders from throughout the South Bay on Thursday washed the feet of immigrants — among them a Pakistani Muslim and an Irishman — outside a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement office.

The ritual was a deeply personal experience for many of the 12 participants, including a Native American girl,  who said they’ve felt targeted because of their ethnic backgrounds, religion, immigration status and sexual preference in recent months.

Workshop helps students understand their rights as renters

As new renters, many students are entering into agreements with landlords without knowing their tenants. On Wednesday at 6 p.m. the SJSU Human Rights Program hosted a “Know Your Rights” workshop.

The workshop informed the public on housing rights as renters in the San Jose and Santa Clara County area. The event was held in the Martin Luther King Jr. Library in room 225.

ICE protesters demonstrate solidarity with Holy Thursday foot washing

For a second time in recent months, a herd of demonstrators stood in protest outside the new U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in Morgan Hill.

In the early afternoon April 13, about a dozen clergy members from different faiths and institutions throughout South County performed a Holy Thursday ritual of the washing of the feet in a show of solidarity.

“We’ve got each other’s back”: San Jose residents march for immigrants

SAN JOSE, Calif. — A crowd of people of different ethnicities and faiths stood together with the mayor and a city councilperson of San Jose to declare their readiness to act in solidarity with immigrant communities threatened by the Trump Administration. “We have each other’s backs,” San Jose mayor Sam Liccardo declared at a press conference capping a day of action to resist Trump’s ramping up of deportations.

San Jose: Muslims, immigrant-rights activists condemn Egypt attacks

SAN JOSE — In Palm Sunday demonstrations of support for immigrant rights, South Bay religious activists declared sympathy and support for Egyptian Coptic Christians victimized by the Islamic State’s bombings — and support for American Muslims who now fear more repercussions on themselves.

Bay Area ‘solidarity network’ aims to protect undocumented immigrants from deportation

Building on a national movement to protect immigrant communities, faith leaders and local and state politicians on Friday pledged their support to undocumented immigrants who fear deportation under the Trump administration.

Partiendo de un movimiento nacional para proteger a las comunidades de inmigrantes, líderes religiosos y políticos locales y estatales prometieron el viernes su apoyo a inmigrantes indocumentados que temen la deportación bajo el gobierno de Trump.

San Jose: Protesters call for stronger renter protections against no-cause evictions

SAN JOSE — Holding powerful signs and photos of displaced renters, dozens of angry tenants and housing advocates took to the streets Thursday to send a powerful message to City Hall — stop letting landlords evict people for no reason.

“If we don’t get no ‘just-cause,’ they don’t get no peace,” they chanted, walking from Shasta Avenue to the local offices of the California Apartment Association, which has opposed policies that require landlords to provide a legitimate reason for evictions.