The Belong Movement is an opportunity to meet the polarization and racial anxiety across our state by bridging across race, faith and status so we may become a new people. We believe the path forward begins with us choosing to belong to each other and from this choice, we will have the power to create the conditions that allow our families to thrive in a state that celebrates our diversity.

As a result of the Belong Movement 1,000 diverse leaders across California will have the courage to say we belong to each other and California belongs to us. Through the organizing of Belong Circles these 1,000 Belong Movement Leaders will facilitate 10,000 people being invited to both understand the structural drivers of exclusion and build lasting relationships rooted in mutuality and radical kinship. It is out of these relationships that we will take prophetic action to create structural change in towns, cities, counties and our state. Belong represents the largest multi-faith and multi-racial bridging effort ever launched in our organizing.

We invite you to join our movement to #BuildBridgeBelong! You can join our movement by participating in and/or hosting a Belong Circle!

Click here for a guide in English and Spanish! Email Ruby Ramirez at rubyramirez@pactsj.org to sign up!


A Belong Circle is an intentional gathering of 10 people who believe in a world of equity and dignity for each of us. Belong Circles are a response to a narrative that tells us it is either us or them, dividing us and making us believe there is not enough for all to thrive.

Belong Circles provide spaces for us to build relationships of trust, connect across our differences, imagine what our communities should be and create opportunities to turn this vision into reality by taking prophetic action together. The Belong Circle process involves four rounds of deep discussion:

  1. Bridging and Belonging

  2. What Divides Us

  3. Imagining Who We Need To Become

  4. How We Create a State of Belonging

We hope to encourage communities to come together across race, class, culture, and religion to take bold actions in society and in our political arena to help cultivate and build a community where everyone can truly belong!


For more information, please contact Ruby Ramirez, lead organizer for PACT, at rubyramirez@pactsj.org.

To learn more about the PICO California Belong campaign, click here. See a recap video of our recent statewide Belong Symposium in Oakland as PACT here.

“The wrong first question is what do we need to do; the right first question is who do we need to become?”

— Ben McBride, Co Director, PICO California