People of PACT


Executive Director: Rev. Ray F. Montgomery,
408.998.8001 x304,

Lead Organizer:
Ruby Ramirez, 408.998.8001 x303 or

Community Organizers:
Jesus Ruiz, 408.998.8001 x306 or

Danny Doan, 408.998.8001 x308 or

Esmeralda Virelas, 408.998.8001 x305 or

Office Manager: Mercy Martinez, 408.998.8001 x300 or

PT Communications:
Christian Ollano



Board of Directors

Board Officers

Co-Chair:  Regina Alexander

Co-Chair: Regina Alexander

Co-Chair:  Ernesto Perez

Co-Chair: Ernesto Perez

Vice Chair:  Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones

Vice Chair: Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones

Treasurer:  Marci Gerston

Treasurer: Marci Gerston

Secretary:  Maya McCray

Secretary: Maya McCray

Board Members
Barbara Hansen
Chinnamma Reeves
Donna Furuta                            
Greg Smith
Judy Holtzman
Lee Fort                                                                                                     
Ruth Saldivar
Tuan DinhJanelle
Verna Lou Sarte
Vivian Miranda
Virginia Groce-Roberts

Friends of PACT Advisory Board

Hon. Cindy Ruby, Co-Chair and Educator & Civic Leader
Vandana Kumar, Co-Chair and Publisher, India Currents
Barbara Hansen, PACT Community Leader,
Vivian Miranda, PACT Community Leader
Marie Young, Philanthropy Professional (Retired) and Educator & Civic Leader 

Honorary Members
John Marshall Collins, Esq., John Marshall Collins, Esq.
Phil Hammer, Attorney (Retired)
Hon. Susan Hammer, Former Mayor, City of San Jose

Executive Director
Rev. Ray Montgomery