Join our Solidarity Network to pledge your support for our brothers and sisters who are targeted – especially immigrants and Muslims - and to provide leadership to stop the hate and fear-mongering that hurts us all.

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Our Solidarity Statement

We are clergy, faith and community leaders with PACT: People Acting in Community Together, a multi-faith, multi-racial organization that leads grassroots organizing to build a more healthy and just community.

Across our different faith traditions, we share the value of dignity and respect for all people.  We are called to love our neighbors as ourselves, to recognize and nurture our interdependence, and to heal the world.

Therefore, we have formed a Solidarity Network to stand with, speak up, and take action to support and protect members of our community who are targeted with hate and fear at this unsettling time in our country.  

We are appalled by the hateful letter left at the door of the Evergreen Islamic Center on Thanksgiving day. It is time to affirm our solidarity with our Muslim sisters and brothers. This attack has no place in our community, but we must do more than simply condemn this act. 

We call for community-wide dialog to understand the causes and the impacts of this kind of hate and the responsibility of each of us to stand up against it.  This attack is not an isolated case of violent aggression against a vulnerable population. Since the elections, hate incidences and hate-crimes have erupted across our country and our valley.

We recommit ourselves as clergy and leaders of congregations to address Islamophobia and threats against immigrants, people who are LGBTQIA, and other vulnerable members of our community. 

We will host dialogs within and between our congregations.  Catholic parishes throughout the Diocese of San Jose will be open all day on Dec 12 on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe to welcome all and stand in solidarity with the most vulnerable in our community.  

We invite you to join us by holding dialogs in your congregations, community groups, schools and neighborhoods.  You may find helpful resources through ING’s Know Your Neighbor Campaign. And we can be resources for each other to share our stories and our deep listening across our different experiences and perspectives.  

In Solidarity, (Partial list as of December 10)

Imam Tahir Anwar · Rabbi Melanie Aron · Kimberly Axtell · Blake Balajadia. · Rev. Charlotte Bear · Laurel Beecher · Genie Bernardini · Zahra Billoo · Rev. David Bird · Pamela Bond · Rev. Dr. Ernest Boyer · Rev. Peggy Bryan · Erin Carder-McCoy · Carla Collins · Pattie Cortese · Rev. Deacon Kathleen Crowe · Gene DeForrest · Rev. Shelley · Denney Maha Elgenaidi · Akemi Flynn · Richard Hobbs ·  Rev. David DongSeong Ko · Rev. Penelope Duckworth · Rev. Robert A. Fambrini, SJ · Jaime Fearer · Rev. Jerry Fox (retired) · Donna Furuta · David Gerard · Rev. Terry Gleeson · Rev. Shinya Goto · Rev. Jennifer Goto · Ian Greensides · Marsha Grilli · Matt Hammer · Nicol Hammond · Barbara Hansen · J. Manuel Herrera · Rabbi Debbie Israel · Rev. Wilma Jakobsen · Berget Jelane · Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones · Curtis A. Jones · Rev. D. Andrew Kille · Bonita Krasnopoler · Rev. Nicole Lamarche · Rev Sarah Lapenta-H · Stephen Lee · Raymond Lockley ·Alice Lynch · The Rev. George Anne ·  McDonnell · Moria Merriweather · Joyce Miller · Aleiah Mims · David K. Mineta · Lauren Minkel · Jesse Nattamai · Kim Loan Nguyen · Forrest Nixon · Christian Ollano · Tovis Page · Sara Pearson · Fr. Jon Pedigo · Bob Pedretti · Joan Picken · Rev. Geoff Rimositis · Rudy Romo · Anne Rosenzweig · Rachel Samoff · Nicole Sardella ·Virginia Shea · Kona Shen · Michee Smith · Rev. Channing Smith · Aurora Solis · Rebecca Stegeman · Rev. Erik Swanson · Maristella Tapia · Lily Tenes · Rev. Dale M. Weatherspoon · Harriet Wolf