Education Equity

We envision a community where all students have access to high quality education that provides a path to success in college and life regardless of their families' socioeconomic, racial or immigrant background. As a key pathway to such success for youth as well as their their families, we organize to close the racial and economic achievement gaps in our schools. 

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To join parents who are investing in excellent education for our children in San Jose Unified School District, the Franklin McKinley School District or Morgan Hill School District, contact Leticia for English or Spanish at . For Vietnamese, contact Tuan at

Parent Organizing Teams


PACT engages and develops parent leaders in English, Spanish and Vietnamese to be actively involved in their children's education. Working with school officials and school board members, we are building excellent education for all students in the San Jose Unified School District, the Franklin McKinley School District and the Morgan Hill Unified School District.

Key Strategies:

  • Training Parents on student achievement data, school district operations and school funding,
  • Working with school districts and the County Office of Education to increase meaningful parent involvement in Local Control and Accountability Plans (LCAPs) and access to LCAPs for transparency and results,
  • Researching high quality schools and promoting best practices between district and charter schools, and
  • Supporting the creating of new, high quality schools.

Victories in Education Equity

Since PACT started organizing with parents in East San Jose in 2000, we have directly contributed to:

  • Engaging San José Unified School District to prioritize filling teacher positions a the district's lowest performing schools,
  • Partnering with the County Office of Education, with the LCFF Alliance, to develop a model LCAP Executive Summary,
  • Engaging the Franklin-McKinley School District to distribute $2.5 million in discretionary funds to their school, providing more local accountability for 30% of their budget,
  • Establishing the Franklin-McKinley District-Charter Compact to promote collaboration and high quality education for all students,
  • Recruiting high-quality schools to our community and the approval of excellent new schools including KIPP, Rocketship Education, Alpha, Summit and VOICES College Bound Language Academy in East San José and Morgan Hill,
  • Founding ACE, a local charter management organization, that operates ACE Charter School (grades 5-8) and ACE High School, and
  • Starting three new small autonomous schools: L.U.C.H.A., Renaissance, and Adelante,

Statewide Education Victories

PACT, along with PICO California, worked to successfully pass Proposition 55 in 2016 - after passing it's precursor Prop 30 in 2012 - that stabilized school funding for K-12 education and community colleges. With the passage of Props 30, school districts averted thousands of teacher layoffs and the Legislature balanced its budget for the first time in years without slashing social programs. Its continuation with Prop 55 in 2016 guarantees the continued funding of resources for low income, special needs and English Learner students. Learn more about the important education funding reform that resulted from our statewide work.